Php Web service new comer

Hi everyone,
this is my first question here, and i am new to php :slight_smile:

My question involve about php web service I am asked to make so i want some help in the steps :rolleyes:

the task is to have 2 Databases , such that they are connected through the internet. As any data(records) added to the first database, the new data sent over the internet to the another database that exist in some another place.

i don’t know but i’m sort of lost

can anybody help ? :slight_smile:

thanks in advance

Is this a homework assignment?
I don’t want to come off rude, but if it’s a homework assignment, you should attempt it first and when you have something started, you can ask for more help.

I once was a beginner too and I asked once for someone to help me with doing this particular task and no one helped. All they said was “If you aren’t going to do it yourself. You’re not going to learn.”
So I basically had to figure everything out myself.

It’s not really that hard once you figure out what’s going on. You’ll be saying to yourself “Oh, that’s how you do it. I’m pretty dumb.”