Custom tshirt widget

Hello to all

I would like to find a widget (e.g. iframe) to embed to my t-shirts eshop in order for my customers to be able to print their own graphic on the tshirt. I don’t want to buy an application. I want an affiliation or similar business scheme.

Anything in mind?


Have you tried this?

yes I have. Thanks for your answer. Shirtmagic is not liable. The rest do not offer a similar app!

I am looking for a T-Shirt widget as well. If you find one, please post it. I’d like for customers to be able to upload their images, enter their text, and choose a color. VistaPrint has this ability. I wish I could find something like this open source

Be sure I will! It seems hard to find a liable one though. Strange to me why…

i did not find any kind of this affiliation but if i am not wrong then just visit sonicshacks(t-shirt printing company) they offers this kind of custom ifram to embed on to your required t shirt