Css validation error

The validation of a stylesheet came up with an error on line 918 of http://pintotours.net/CCC/VVV.html

Parse Error @media screen and (max-width:820px) { #header { margin-bottom:10px; } #nav { display:none; } #horizontal2 { display:block; margin-bottom:10px; } #left { display:none; } #left-inner { display:none; } Content{ margin-left:175px; } #content-inner { width: 100%; overflow: hidden; } #right{ display:none; } }

which I don’t understand as it all looks fine to me.


Do you have another @media block before this one, and are you sure it was closed properly with the “second” curly brace?

Edit: Just checked source - that’s probably the issue. Fix that and we’ll see what happens?

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@media screen and (max-width:1020px) {
 #header #section1 #title {
margin:0 50px 0 140px;
@media screen and (max-width:820px) {
 #header {

What is wrong with this picture? I removed the valid other rules to make it easier to read.

Thank you jeffreylees, thank you Ryan (how was the marathon?..)

I could have sworn… I checked exactly that before, I must have cut and paste and cut and paste since and something went…

Thank you!

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