Css style issues in vBulliten

looking for some help here…

We have had 6 months of complete pain on our site due to bad css styles showing up on multiple browsers both PC/MAC.

This is what we did in the past 6 months:
-We upgraded vb 4.1.3
-brought in a programing company to clean all of our data, code, and internal programming issues our site had

  • changed servers (misconfigured apache was one of the suspects)

When we went live on 6-25-2011 we assumed all issues had been addressed. However, today, we have had members complaining about messed up homepage or forum pages due to the css style formatting issues. Now, we are back to day one of 6 months ago.

Have you seen this before? vb pages that display no style and look very html list like? We are so stressed and perplexed by this. Is there something that we are missing? Our site has some HTML and word press tabs. Those never have shown css style issues. Just our vb pages.

Any suggestions?

Hi clickman. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

Are you able to provide a link to the site? Then we can look under the hood and see what’s happening with the site. I’m not familiar with VB (except the Australian beer that goes by the same name!)—apart from these forums, of course—but others may have advice on that.

It may be a .php that’s supposed to be a CSS. If you load that in <link rel=“stylesheet” blabla> newer browsers will pick it up just fine, but older browsers will check the mime type and go “Hey, but text/html is not CSS! I’m not using this, forget it!”

If that’s the case you can solve it by putting this at the very top of the .php:

Header('Content-Type: text/css');

thanks for the welcome and reply…!

site is Clickinmoms - Welcome

The only possible issue I see is that the URL for the CSS files are built like


Modern browsers don’t have a problem with this and will see the & as a &, but very old browsers (I’m talking firefox 1 here) might leave the &amps untouched and send the URL to the server “as is”, in which case your server responds with

/* Unable to find css sheet */

(try it)

Which would explain why it doesn’t load.

You could try and replace all & in those URLs with &. Even though it’s not semantically correct and will fail the w3c validator, all browsers will interpret the URLs correctly.