CSS selectors acting differently on identical pages


I am building a site, and having a CSS problem that for the life of me I can’t figure out. These two pages are identical with the exception of the photos (the images are all the same size and aspect ratio). Any help would be much appreciated!

This is how both pages are suppose to look:

But for some reason this page is displaying the same CSS and same HTML structure like this:

Like I said, any help would be much appreciated! What am I missing?

In the left_side.htm, you are arranging 3 rows with 4 images each, in the right_side.htm it looks like you are calling 2 rows of 6 images each (#gallery_6) which are trying to fit as best they can into the 4x3 layout.

I think I got that straight. In any event, that’s the short answer. Does that help? Or do you want to modify the layout?

Thanks for the reply ronpat. Everything is actually static right now. And I am not actually calling rows, every photo is in one wrapper called galler_wrapper. I am using nth-child (4n+4) to target every 4th element to take out margin-right so that they all fall in line. This is another page that works right based on the same css and HTML:

so stll not sure what is going on!

got it, one of the pictures was not the correct size. guess that was throwing everything off

Glad you found the problem. Thanks for the helpful follow-up.

Best2U going forward.