1 Page is over to the right slightly but can't see why?

Hi there, out of the 6 pages on a site I created, one of them, the main container div is slightly over to the right and I have no idea why?

The best way to see this is by looking at the following 2 pages when they load.

http://w3.sawps.co.uk/pigeon-shooting.html - this is over to the right
http://w3.sawps.co.uk/contact.html - this is in the same position as all the other pages

These 2 pages share all the same CSS properties except main_content & pmain_content and the only difference is the background image (flying-geese.png) and the image is 529px wide

The css file is here

I’ve spent the last couple of hours looking and trying different things but I just can’t see why the content moves…can anyone see what I’m missing?


:slight_smile: I think that was a definite case of ‘can’t see the tree for the woods’ I was looking at the code in the pages/css and didn’t stop to look at the rendered pages closely enough!

Thank you, problem solved!

The first page has a scrollbar and the others don’t.
Add this to your css:

body {overflow-y: scroll;}

That will add the scrollbar to all your pages so they will all be positioned the same way.