CSS problems

I have a products page here: http://theicedteaguy.com/our-products

When you click on some items, they go into your shopping cart. Once in the cart (must have items in there), there is an issue…

You can clearly see the cart is down at the bottom of the page, not between the sidebars as it should be. I can;t get it to the correct place, please advise.


it’s because you have the table spanned out to 100% set it to a fixed width, and you should be good to go! :slight_smile:

You;re right, but why using a table in the first place? This is asking for problems a table in a div! And not only that! A div, without any attributes except margin 0 auto, as well

there are times and places that divs can be an issue to work with.

I generally as a rule of thumb use tables on complex forms, and thats basically what he’s using the table for, I don’t see a problem.

but on another note, on the product page I don’t understand why he’s wrapping his forms in an object tag.

Understand what you say, but I don’t see this cart as a complex form. There are just four columns. Make header with four floating divs and do the same for the output(you could even use the same divs with an extra classs for the headings)

yeah, actually, your right.

and granted, if people are buying these iced tea’s like crazy,

there’s going to be a whole lot of table cells that will slow the page down!

haha :wink:

Sorry for the late response. This site runs on Wordpress, and the shopping cart is a plugin…I did not write it. This is what I was given to work with and I need to get it to work. I am going to set this to a fixed width and see how that goes. Thanks!

That worked! Thanks.