Struggling with css


I have a product page

I am trying to create another template in which all my e-commerce is removed as i’m not allowed to sell online.

I have removed all of it and added the stuff I need

However, I can’t get it to position like that of the first link

Any thoughts?


For free help on css, you might want to work through this tutorial. If you don’t know it you will have more questions about later and this might help you ease into at the beginning and simplify your re-design.

the title and price have been added but are missing…

thanks for the reply but I don’t really have the time to learn css :frowning:


I have worked out why it is happening.

My has the credit icons removed which is why my bullet points are going over with the code

.product-listings .text{float:left; width:100%}

my customer review section is also due to the fact that I have taken stuff out. The code for that is

.customer-review {float:left;width:420px;padding:5px;border:1px solid #fff;margin:10px -282px 0 0;position:relative}

Which is the mazing dress… loved it blah blah blah amazing section.

So, my guess is that I will have to call the divs something else for my new template and write new code in the css