Css pie

Greetings from a flooded Bangkok

Does anyone know how to get a single rounded corner (ie, bottom right) with PIE.

I’ve followed the documentation on the site, www.css3pie.com, but nothing seems to work. Making all four corners rounded is straightforward, so why can’t I specify an individual corner.

Example, border-radius-bottom-right achieves nada. I’ve also tried different word orders and have played around with bottomright

Any help appreciated.

CSS3, cute for playing with to see what we SOMEDAY might be able to deploy,

Face it, we’re used to stuff that we could use that won’t work in one popular browser. border-radius is one line of code, everyone gets square corners except the lone Opera user who visits any of our sites (Opera is >.5% of our visitors).

Frankly, if it doesn’t matter if IE gets all the stupid shiny extras, then I don’t mind using a line of code instead of images+CSS. If it matters, I’m not using CSS3 at all… 3 lines of code plus all the stuff for the image, OR adding a script to be downloaded just to see a round corner? Meh, I’m lazy. It should always depend on “Does it matter?”

Do you get commission from Sitepoint for the comedy you provide?

I really hope you do.

It’s very rare to come across someone who can play the part of a complete and utter clown with such aplomb.

Because of all the crap it takes to add one lousy border curve in 4 different browsers, I tend to use
(-ext-)border-radius: 0 0 1em 0;
to get bottom-right corner rounded, instead of specifically calling border-radius-bottom-right stuff.

Does that syntax work?

It’s a w3c conspiracy.

Not sure if I agree with that – but thanks for you help. Much appreciated. Have a nice day in the glorious Netherlands.

Meanwhile I’d just say *** it and use a image. Oh nose, I might use a 1k separate image to avoid the headaches and nonsense of WASTING MY TIME ON CODE NOT EVEN OUT OF DRAFT YET!

CSS3, cute for playing with to see what we SOMEDAY might be able to deploy, but until the gecko and webkit don’t require the vendor specific prefixes using the REAL CSS3 properties and real world deployed copies of IE don’t need scripting assistance - I’ll not be deploying any of that nonsense… I suggest you do the same.

Hey funky dutch woman – that’s great. It works.

Like I said, I tried a million other combinations and all I got was zilch.

Told ya, a conspiracy. They say the first hit’s always free… >:)

I just used it on a site this morning. Total waste because it was done for a small little button that I could of just photo shopped. But I wanted to use it so bad. Turned out nice. And now any future rounds will be a snap.

Very helpful link :). Thanks for posting it, although the OP had merely done an invalid rule (not invalid, so to speak, just not the right one ;))

Have a look at the known issues: http://css3pie.com/documentation/known-issues or the supported features: http://css3pie.com/documentation/supported-css3-features - both will give you the reasons why only the shorthand works

Bit late for this one but may save you time in the future when other problems pop up