Css issue...page scrolling horizontally

I was hoping to get some help diagnosing a css issue… I can’t seem to find what is causing the page to horizontally scroll. Something is expanding it past 100% width.

here is a link to the page in the testing environment.

Any ideas?

It’s something in your menu. If you inspect it, you’ll see that it’s computed width is wider than the site wide.

Haven’t figured out what is causing it, but hopefully, that’ll give you a place to start…

It’s the section with this text

OG Support
Griffon Aviation understands how critical it is for you to get your parts order fulfilled and your aircraft back in the air. Our dedicated, expert AOG support team, works 24/7 365 to fulfill your A.O.G. order quickly and accurately every time.

If you scroll down the page, the issue fixes itself due to this CSS rule where it sets the transform to 0.

[data-aos^=fade][data-aos^=fade].aos-animate {
    opacity: 1;
    transform: translateZ(0);

It’s starting out of view and sliding in and that’s the scrollbar.

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