CSS Forums

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but can anybody list some good vBulletin / phpBB forums for CSS discussions? Even IRC would be awesome. I am just looking to get to know a few more places but I will always keep coming back to Sitepoint. :cool:



I’ve heard devshed and webmasterworld are good places, but am not there myself.

Hm, other than that, mostly web dev articles where comments are allowed. Places like CSS-tricks.

I’m too old to keep up with IRC, I can’t follow anything there :slight_smile:

lol -can you tell me where there is a good CSS forum :slight_smile: It’s like asking a shop owner where you can buy his stuff cheaper :wink:

Notwithstanding the above I can say that Css creator is good and Suzy Uk at webmasterworld is brilliant. Then there’s the css-dicuss list but I never could make head or tail of it. (I could never work who was talking to who and where the next post was.)