CRUD Interfaces?

I’ve been looking for ways to encapsulate CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) for reuse. I’ve not found much on the need that deals with file / database manipulation under that search term [OOP CRUD …] beyond use within a commercial package.

As such, setting up extensible classes for CRUD apparently is not common. Alternatively, I can envision setting up interfaces by the names of “Crudable” or, at even a finer granularity, “Creatable”, “Retrievable”, “Updatable” and “Deletable” but I don’t find those out there either. And I frankly don’t see what it would buy me.

Is the current wisdom to imbed the CRUD logic in-line where it’s needed?

That is referred to as scaffolding when automating forms for data entry. Which never tends to yield the results you want.

When referring to reusable classes it would either be active record or orm (object relational mapper).

Thanks Oddz.

I recognize every word you wrote – but I have no idea what you are telling me <grin>

I’m just confused as to the best practices approach to CRUD.


I use Crudin

Crudin is a PHP+MySQL framework thats read and build in real time a complete interface for CRUD operations

Now I using it to build my intranet system in my company, but can be used to make crud interface, custom cms, intranet etc