Basic building blocks for an application

This seems like quite an obvious question. Just interested to see if anyone has a basic application that they use as a basis for future applications? What I mean is: do you have a script that say, does signups, login, admin area, member area, entering info in a database, displaying database data, etc. That is flexible enough to be used over multiple applications?

I’m currently learning PHP/MySQL. And I’ve been thinking that the best thing to do is build an application like the above (I believe it’s called a CRUD?) and make the objects/functions flexible enough so that I can reuse them and make them the basis of future apps? I just feel this would save a lot of time and I’m assuming a lot of people do this.

If so, I would be interested if you have time to read about the process you followed and how you refine it and update it and how it all started, etc.

Any help always appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s called a framework, and many exist for virtually all programming languages. In PHP, you have Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Kohana and many more. They do exactly as you described – provide the common components you reuse between applications and often can generate the CRUD code based on your database schema.

Oh great. Well I guess I’ll be looking into some of those in more detail. Thank you.