Viewed in Different Browsers (and versions)

Hello guys,

What is the easiest way to see how my site would look using different browsers (and different versions of the browsers, like IE 6, 7, 8, etc.).

Keep in mind I am using a Mac.

If you are willing to pay some money, get yourself a copy of VMWare Fusion, then load up multiple versions of Windows on your Mac with different browser versions.

There are some online solutions, like IETester and BrowserLab by Adobe. I’ve listed a few others that I know of here.

If all else fails, you can use, which takes a snapshot of a page in as many browsers on different OSs as you want. Of course, this is only a snapshot so you can’t see any interaction or scripting in play, and accuracy is definitely less than 100%…

Or save yourself some money and use Oracle VirtualBox, since that’s FREE – and increasingly more capable than VMWare.

As to crap like browsershots – don’t even waste your time. Not only is the delay between request and seeing your page absurdly long, you have no interaction with the page for testing things like hovers or oddities in scrolling behavior – much less that in my own experience said services rarely behave like the browsers they claim to be.

Though you might want to ditch OSX and boot into windows with boot camp, so you have an OS actually capable of being used for development instead of tying both your hands behind your back and kicking yourself in a particularly sensitive spot. Now, I’m not saying that Apple’s OS so far as development work is concerned is like a trip in the wayback machine to 1994… I’m saying it’s worse.

But then I’m the guy who considers win98 the pinnacle of usability and UI design, and everything since to be LESS functional, less useful, etc, etc… (thankfully windows still lets you configure back down to that where you can have a USEFUL taskbar)

NOTE I do use both OS regularly… OSX is a cute toy, but for things like multiple editor windows and multiple browser windows it’s multi-tasking controls are pathetically useless.

Great posts from all of you. Thank you very much!

I was always a fan of Win2K, though I never tried to develop anything in it.

@ds60, you crack me up, man. I always look forward to reading your posts.