Credit Union Curiosity

I have a Credit Union that might be interested in this. I know what they want to pay but I just want to hear some ballparks if you can. I know you dont have all the info but I am thinking they are crazy and I just want to make sure I’m not for thinking it. I’ll let you know after I get a few responses.

Ok, this is what they want:

Complete Website Re-design.
Home page is unique, the rest of the pages are under basically the exact same layout (header/footer/left sidebar).
A CMS (Joomla?), which I am assuming they are going to need training to use. They have a static setup now.
They are using 2 seperate domains. 1 for the main website (mostly verbiage/images/static) and the other (https) for their online banking.
They want to move their online banking login (https) onto the home page and basically consolidate the 2 domains into 1 (https?)(complicated?).
Aproximately 70 pages of verbiage which they are supplying. Keeping the Header, Footer, and left sidebar on all the pages.
They want some SEO. Ok thats vague but lets assume no PPC, maybe just some backlinks and ongoing basic SEO maintenance stuff.
They want it by March 31st.
They’ll obviously want some Consultation/Phone Calls/diaper-changing/Proposal/Mock-ups yadda yadda the usual.
They want cheap. They (unfortunately?) arn’t trying to revolutionize their industry.

Now random/off the top of your head ballpark a quote. Really loose ballpark is fine, just low ball it. For you to come anywhere near this, what are you thinking?

Anywhere from $1,200 to $35,000 depending on quality, training, maintenance, administration, hand-holding, change orders, and ‘some seo’.

An inexperienced web developer who is hungry for money would probably bid $1500 and do a crappy job.

An successful, established shop who won awards for their design and were growing like crazy might bid $20,000.

An agency would bid top dollar and demand payment for change orders.

To determine the price that is right FOR YOU, you need to:

  1. Get a bit more specific, i.e. what is ‘some SEO’ ? Define the project well.

  2. Figure out what your time is worth.

  3. Do the math, and bid.

And just out of curiosity, why is it ‘unfortunate’ that the credit union isn’t trying to revolutionize their industry??

How is $1,200 even close to doable on this? I would charge that for the mock-ups and the proposal. Seriously, I could maybe get through a discovery phase with $1,200. This is a Federal Credit Union with an Online Banking system. Not the local pet store. I could make $1,200 working at McDonald’s and have that money by the middle of February.

Forget the SEO for now, they probably don’t even know what they want and the “unfortunate?” was kind of a joke that some personalities might get.

I am thinking the $35,000 isn’t a bad start for the lower end. Thanks for the input.

I honestly wouldn’t be able to guess without having a better idea of how much stuff is in there. I mean yeah, 70 pages of verbiage, but if there was stuff like an interest calculator or whatever to add in there? And who’s going to put all that content in – do they want to do it or would you?

If I were to be doing the same sort of work for my credit union I wouldn’t do it alone and I’d be aiming for well over 60.

Beautiful, this is what I’m thinking. Naturally I know there are lots of details, I just wanted an off the top of your head ballpark and you did that perfectly.

Get this, they want it for 5k. I have an adviser that runs a nice firm that I sent over the RFP. Before he even finished reading it he sent back a “WTF” reply. Amazing, now I have to figure out how I am going to write up a proposal and nicely tell them they are out of their minds.

At least I know there isn’t much competition on this. I’ll have to over quote it and move on. We are a teeny tiny firm too, oh, well. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll keep ya posted.


Good luck with it. :slight_smile:

There is always someone willing to bid an outrageously amount for a project, and there’s always someone willing to take the risk. It usually doesn’t work out, but in my observation about 2/3 of web development projects fail in a significant way (quality, budget, schedule, etc.) so this isn’t surprising.

I have no doubt that you can get someone to bid $600 on elance :slight_smile:

I must not have that personality :slight_smile: