Creating virtual email addresses for websites users


Can you tell me if it’s possible to redirect all email sent to an unknown user’s mail box at my domain to a php script for processing?

I.e. -> /home/mysite/mailprocess.php

We want to create ‘virtual’ mailboxes for our users, which then forward on to their actual address, without revealing to other people their actual email address.

Any ideas would be very useful.


So instead of revealing the actual email address, you just give an alias instead? You should re-evaluate your logic. What would stop a attacker/spammer from sending email to the alias which then goes to the real email address?

Yeah I guess it’s not about stopping spam or whatever, it’s just a way of not revealing users personal email addresses to the public… Hmm it’s just an idea, I don’t know if it’s worth it really.

I found a solution anyway - Set up a catch all which is processed by a script, you can set it all up in cpanel. :slight_smile: