Creating PDF's - File to large

We are creating a 1 page PDF for a gift certificate. We are using fPDF library.

The issue we run into is that the single page PDF is around 350K.

If someone orders 4 we end up with a rather large file the customer needs to download.

Is there another library or some technique to create a smaller file size?

There are bunches of optimization tools available from this Google Search

Ok, lets try this again. What tools as anyone used and been satisifed with.

Yes, I searched google before posting.

Okay. I use PDF-edit which is open source. However, I run a linux os. Not sure if it will work on windows. Here’s the link:

You might also want to try a source using the term “Open Source PDF Editors”

I’m pretty sure the size isn’t fPDFs fault - but of your images.
I used fPDF in a “print your mug, your shirt or whatever” shop some years ago with high-res pictures and the size grew (or shrunk) with the image size.
If you don’t use images you’re doing something else wrong (no offense!) - give some code so we can have a look.