Pdf file generation

Hi there

I had to generate some excel files, and I’ve used PHPExcel for this task. It is about some excel files with ~3000cells. Now, I have to put those cells in a pdf file. Theoretically PHPExcel can do this job, but it needs a lot of resources and a lot of time and besides that, the result is not so good.

At this moment I’m thinking to choose from one of the libraries which are generating pdf files from html code. I wish that pdf file to be generated as fast is possible.

Do you know any reviews of the php libraries which are generating pdf files? Do you know their pro and cons? All I’ve find until now is Html2pdf.


I use fpdf to generate large PDF files with a lot of tabular data (thousands of records, each with 1 ~ 20 nested records) in it.

Pros and cons?

Very stable library
Does what it says it does
Easy to use once you’ve worked out how it works

If used incorrectly, uses a lot of memory (there’s a plugin to lower memory usage, though)
Still contains code for PHP4 :frowning:
Takes a while to get used to
You can’t just feed it HTML

If you’re willing to spend some cash, maybe something like LiveDocx is worth investigating.

wkhtmltopdf if you can run other software on your server

  • a lot faster than any php library
  • doesn’t hit any php memory limits
  • can be fed html

I usually use the fdpf.

When i want to create something more complex I use scriptcase, there i can create some nice invoices and this kid of stuff

many thanks for your replays guys, fpdf is indeed very good. It does everything i need. It is very fast and easy to use.