Creating an Intranet

Hi all, I’m in the process of creating a PHP application as part of an order system for my work. The next stage will be to deploy it throughout the workplace but unsure how to create an Intranet.

I have tried roaming about on Google but found very little. I’m using MAMP. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

I believe that would better to ask that in the programming discussion boards then here.
That is a section for web hosting discussions and questions.

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The deployment of this application is relevant to hosting and server management rather than a specific php issue.

You need to consider your existing network infrastructure and how users authenticate to this network e.g active directory, and whether you wish to integrate this authentication with your application rather than have a separate login (‘single sign on’ or SSO).

You should investigate LDAP via php, and the various apache modules that support NTLM (microsoft browser authentication protocol). Have a read through this:

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