About Intranet / Extranet

Hi, everyone!

First I want to apologize my bad english but I hope you undertand.

We are making a big intranet / extranet and we want to make it to ran under CMS. We want to use CMS becouse then we can spend more time with UI and some other softwares.

We have about 1000 users every day using our sites and ~100 different groups. We need a file management witch can handle gourp policys (we have plenty secure files and plenty public).

So do you have any success stories to make intranet / extranet by using some CMS? What CMS you recommend? Mayby Joomla or Drupal?

This is not really a PHP question. However, wordpress can be used for normal web site and has a number of file management plugins - example [URL=“http://codecanyon.net/item/groups-file-access-wordpress-plugin/2228793?ref=wpmayor&ref=wpmayor&clickthrough_id=104606816&redirect_back=true”]here

A primary consideration with large intranet development is whether you are going to integrate or inherit user authentication with the existing network structure e.g a microsoft active directory domain. A single sign on process will be more robust than two separate systems that will inevitably drift out of sync over time if you are trying to manage a lot of users. If it’s an enterprise level system where file management is the primary task, I’d look at alfresco, sharepoint or other professional solution rather than a hacked up blog or web cms. Having said that, Drupal is OASIS CMIS compliant which means it can interconnect with enterprise level systems and provide a UI that you can customise relatively easily.