Creating a 'Killer' App For Apple Watch

I also came across this post:

I think the same question could be applied to all watches though. What is a ‘killer’ app for the platform in your opinion?

Dunno. Maybe a clock? :wink:



I was also thinking that it might be good to add a voice system to mobile phones so we could talk to each other like in the olden days.


You’d think something in the fitness/health sphere, given that it’ll be in contact with you all the time, but what hasn’t been done yet? How about a polygraph?

I think the watch needs to have almost all of the phone functions first and foremost. I understand that this may go against having a phone but I would gladly free up a pocket to have my phone micro sized on my wrist. Give me carrier access with 4G and allow me to facetime/skype. Texting might suck but thats why Siri is so good at translating.

The future was supposed to be wrist based communications if you watch the old movies. Kinda like a Pip Boy from Fallout. Just because Apple wants to sell both Watches and Phones doesn’t mean you should limit the functionality of the watch just to ensure that we never get rid of our phones. Let us decide on what device and on what body part (Pocket or Wrist so far. ) to wear it on.

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It should work as a car key or garage opener.

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