Creating a Comment Entry page?

Hello folks,

I was curious where I can find info on creating a page that can give users a comment section where they can input text hit a submit button and then it displays on my site page? Sort of a review page, commentary page that would be ongoing? Have a border inbetween comments etc.

Much thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to use a blog. Not very difficult if you know a server side language such as php (or want to learn it), if you don’t I recommend Wordpress (other blogging platforms are available, etc etc)

When users submit information into the comment form, the server usually does something with this data (sanitize it, store it in a database, etc.) So you would need server-side technology like ColdFusion, PHP, ASP, etc. to deal with that data.

As suggested, a blog would be best because it’s a pre-packaged system that already knows how to handle the submitted form data; you just have to ensure your host supports the tech that the blog software uses.

Contact your host and and ask them what popular blog software they support. Wordpress, Joomla, Moveable Type, etc.

This might be what you are looking for:

Install instructions:

I have started with WordPress but leaving comments seems to require an email address and I wanted it to not show dates of comments. Haven’t figured that part out yet and if it’s not modifiable I’d likely drop that. Should I leave it as required email? That’s doable but I don’t like the date option.

Is disqus free?

I have figured out my Word Press ‘dilemmas’ but now have some other issues so I’ve posted in their forums.

Still curious if disqus is free, perhaps I’ll try it for my other site? Or maybe it’s better then Word Press…

Wordpress is a completely different animal… it is an entire blogging platform which can be expanded to a complete CMS or whatever you need.

Disqus is a commenting engine that you can implement into pretty much any website/article system/page, even if is only plain html pages you are using.

How much does Disqus cost? (it’s free)

Yeah I’m looking into disqus now. My issue (WP) isn’t being resolved yet in their forums so I will try this out tonight. Will report back. Much thanks!

Ugh, the only install I could see for that seems to need something else to install first, so since I had wordpress I figured I’d install with that and hope for a change of interface, but it’s the same issue.

Thing with Word Press is that after posting some ‘practice’ posts I deleted them and then after doing that there is no longer an option to post on the board. All options are gone.

WP so far has been a monumental waste of time for me and I kinda want it off my site folders. Do I just remove the folder I created for it or is there a safer uninstall?

In that regard Disqus has been a flop for me as well, unless someone can suggest a procedure with it?

For Disqus, choose their universal JavaScript embed code option… to install to any pages.

Yeah last night I realized I’ll need to figure this out despite my frustration.
I forgot about that code page.
Thanks again!!