Visitor Comments

Does anyone know the type of coding or software to create visitor comments similar to Yahoo news articles’ visitor comments section? It looks and acts in a simple way – that’s what I want - comments, replies, avatar/pic (except without the option of choosing yahoo/facebook/google to “post as”). Thanks.

If you have a wordpress weblog my suggestion is to dl a theme and just copy it’s php file and html (comment section) and just edit html and CSS!
Or even you can go to facebook >>social plugins and find comment plugin to find out more.
hope this helps.

DISQUS is really simple, just make an admin account on there website, and copy paste the code where you want comments and your done :slight_smile:

I agree with Zakelijk i use DISQUS and it’s really the best, flexible and easy to use, go with DISQUS you will really be satisfied.

My site will be by registration only, so visitors must login. Then if they have to login to Disqus everytime they comment on any pages on my site, it seems cumbersome and redundant. Know of any way my visitors wouldn’t have to login to Disqus on all comment pages on my site?

With Disqus you have to login just one time then it’s remember the user by using his computer cookies…and nowday everyone have facebook, twitter, gmail…etc

Visitors would have to login Disqus one time ever on my site or one time per visit - and be able to comment on multiple different comment pages of my site?

yep, they can login with available option just Once , then they can comment on any page on your website…