Crawling Errors

Hi my website has some crawling errors. Some url’s indexed in google like this .
why my website some urls indexed with /shopbrand/ct554. If any body knows please suggest me.

Does it show where the URLs are linked from in the crawl errors?
Usually these 404 errors don’t hurt you. If they are not linked to, you can dismiss them.
If they are linked from your own site, you can amend or remove the links. If the links come form elsewhere, there is not much you can do about those. You can set up redirects for missing URLs to appropriate pages on your site.

Hi Sam .Thanks for your reply. it didn’t show where the URLs are linked from in webmastertools. But these type of urls daily visible on my crawling error reports at webmaster tools.

Hi Sam,

Are you sure that 404 error don’t hurt my site? Really I want to know the truth, because I have a site where huge number of 404 error generate in webmaster.

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