cPanel Parked vs. Redirect vs. Addon

I own I found that was available and I registered it hoping to get the SEO advantage to target local businesses since I live in Kennesaw, GA, an Atlanta suburb.

My plan was to make KennesawWebDesign the primary url and redirect to it to avoid any duplicate content SE penalty. The problem was that I’m in cPanel / Hostgator and is my main url for my Web Hosting Manager (WHM) so it looked like it was going to be a pain to make the new url my primary. I’m a reseller and have about 15 hosting accounts.

Currently, I have as a cPanel Parked Domain of . I’ve updated my clients site links to point to the new url. Will Google see this as duplicate content and penalize me?

Any advice on the best solution is appreciated. Should I set up as an account, publish all my files there and just redirect via HTML in the index page or htaccess file? I see where I can do a “Change of address” in Google webmaster tools and they advise the 301 redirect from old ( to new ( Anyone know the best way to achieve this in cPanel and still maintain old url as main WHM? TIA

That may lead to a content duplication. That all, nothing more than that. Some times it may affect badly on your site reputation.

Instead of doing 301 go for CName which is the best option in an CPanel environment.

Can I do the Cname from my control panel or is it usually something support does on the server-side?