Cpanel full backup not working or stopped. My site have 9Gb Disk used

I cant do Cpanel full backup for a site that have 9Gb Disk used (2Gb of them are mysql database, the rest are files), i use dedicated server

this is the screenshot, get the backup files only get about 13Kb in red sign

i had try do Cpanel full backup for smaller site in same server and its works normally (get about 8Mb) tar.gz file backup

Please help guys, what should i do to make Cpanel full backup working for that big enough site


9Gb? Okay, even with 7Gb, it’s unlikely that your server has the RAM to generate a compressed file with that much data. It’s my guess that you’ll need to do partial backups of portions to get that much backed-up.

Saying that, how much of the 7GB are file types that will not change, i.e., videos, mp3’s, images, PDF’s and the like? You only need to back them up ONCE (and incrementally add to the backup directory when you add to the group).

I should note, too, that your image shows a directory OUTSIDE your webspace which is a good place (on your server) to park your backups. NOBODY can get to those files without access to your FTP account (or via a PHP script ON your server). However, if your server goes down, those files will do you no good at all. Best to have a backup offsite, too.