How to move my site with a full site backup in Cpanel


I recently bought a reseller package and I’m trying to move one of my sites from using a full site backup. What I did is, I went to the existing cpanel of the site I want to move and made a full site backup thinking that with this I could do a restore in the new cpanel (in my reseller package) from the backup but when I went and did the restore from-backup and uploaded it from my desk-top nothing happened, I can see the backup folder in my home directory but how do I do the restore from here?

How can I move a site from a full back up to a different server using Cpanel?

Do I need to do this from my WHM panel? I don’t see any backup or restore options here.

Can someone be so kind and try to help me with this?

Thanks a lot!

You can ask your hosting company to restore the account. basically with the backup file, they will delete the complete account and the account will be recreated when it is restored from the cpanel backup.

Thank you for your reply!

Is this something I could do by my self? If yes, how?