Could someone please do me a quick favor?

I have a photo gallery website that I haven’t changed for years except to add new images once in awhile.

My brother-in-law recently went there and found that he couldn’t open any images. He says he just gets a blank window when he clicks on a thumbnail. He’s running IE8 on Windows 7, javascript IS enabled, compatibility mode is off. I can’t reproduce it here on either IE8 or Firefox but I only have XP, nor can I reproduce it on my wife’s iPhone or a friend’s iPad sunning Safari.

The site is:

The galleries are the list on the right; the bottom 3 are NSFW.

Thanks in advance for checking it!


I just tried it for you (IE 8 on Windows 7). It seems to work just fine. Clicking a thumbnail loads the image inside a pop-up window. Let me know if there is any other testing I can do for you.

nice site :slight_smile:

I don’t have access to Windows 7 myself, and I got 1 hour of sleep before a 7.1 earthquake that hit here this morning, but I would be looking at the following lines:

ChildWin.window.document.writeln('<p align=center><img name="thisone" src=' + theImage + '> <P>');
ChildWin.document.images[ 'thisone' ].src = theImage;

The script is opening a new window, then updating the content of that new window to show the image.

It’s likely to be a security permissions problem where one window is not allowed to change the content of another window.

I’m not all that au-fait with the details of it, but I believe one solution is for the new window to be a page that contains a script function, so that the previous window can call a script on the new window (with image parameters) so that the new window can then build itself.

My brain is kinda funky at 3:30am though so we’ll see what the rest of the community has to say about this too.

The question is, when you go click on images in galleries on in IE8, under Windows 7, do the images appear? I couldn’t tell from your answer what you saw when you tried it in Win 7, IE8.

Since my OP some of my friends on FB who run Windows 7, have tried it and reported no problems in IE8. My bro-in-law has no problem in Firefox in Windows 7. No one has any problems in XP on any browser, nor on Apple desktop or mobile devices using Safari.

Thanks for responding, and I’d appreciate it a lot if some others would please try it.