Corey Rudl Dies At 34

Sorry for posting this here but I have some bad news… Some of you maybe already know that Corey Rudl (CEO died on thursday.

Here are links with details

There is a memorial site already set up by internet marketers at [B][/B]

May God rest his soul in peace

Lets Us who knows him pray for his soul

Geez… not another Rudl thread… and this is old news, it has already been posted at every single forum I have seen

sad news…

let him find peace in the God’s kingdom

That’s really sobering news. I mean I’ve been seeing the name ‘Corey Rudl’ since I can remember. His name is all over the affiliate markeing business. He had reached legendary status in my book just for being so damn omnipresent as an affiliate marketing guy. It seemed like he was into everything you could imagine that had anything to do with making money online. I always wanted to maybe meet him, you know maybe off-guard, at a bar or somewhare, and totally pick his brain. That guy accomplished so much it’s ridiculous. If I become a fraction as successful as him I’ll be pretty satisfied. It’s sad to hear he died so young.

The good die young.

The good die young.
Too true.

Corey will be sadly missed, and leaves very big shoes for the rest of us to fill.


I am sory for his death i hope no more spam …

Mixed emotions and mixed reactions about Corey Death…
Atleast I am one of those who would say I am successiful in Internet Business Through Corey Teachings

God rest his soul in peace

I do know where you’re coming from with this statement. His mailings did seem to be a mix of really 1st class information and the “hidden sales pitch” to buy one of his products or services. For this reason I sometimes just deleted the newsletters etc without even reading them.

The same is true with other so called super “how I made $450,000 last year by selling other people’s products” type affiliates like Rosalind Gardener. But she too has some good advice in her newsletters. However, it always feels like you’re been marketed too even when reading this information. Maybe they just can’t get out of that mode :slight_smile:

Quite often there would be really key bits of information in Corey’s mails that have helped to boost my affiliate sales big time. There’s no doubting the guy knew what he was doing when it came to internet marketing.

The information he put out will be used for a long time amongst the affiliate marketing community.

These news are very sad, BUT:

Did you belive him?

For example:

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Yeah, I found this site
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Didn’t know this guy works through the internet. Got the news somewhere back because the crash involved the Carrera GT (which is a nice car!).

Sad for what has happened to the guys who were in the car.

ligel, It seems unlikely, but when you think it through it’s not so impossible.

The 1st site example you gave is an ecommerce store selling high value camera equipment - not an affiliate store. The revenue figures given will most likely not be profit. So with good marketing, turning over $1million + of camera gear a year is quite possible.

The 2nd example. Again, these figueres are probably not profit. But the woman’s selling several different items / services that run to around $100 in value. She probably has a huge opt-in mailing list and her persuasive copywriting means the $8,500 a month claim is not unlikely. Also remember that the copy actually says “as much as $8,500 a month” which could well mean, one exceptional month it made that much, but quite often maybe only a couple of $k. Again, probably not profit.

I know the sales copy is annoying. It makes it sound like it’s all profit and they get it just by sitting on their fat arses all day, drinking cofee, laughing while they watch the money roll in. Of course the reality’s quite different. But they are marketing a product at the end of the day - and you can learn from it when promoting your own stuff.

R.I.P, Sad to hear of this story. He obviously made quite alot of money in his time…

If u want to know he never paid me mine 5000$ i earned selling his products but he continued spaming me evena but offcourse i never recived mine $$$ so how can u trust that pearson… ah
rest in peace… what can i say …
God comes back to good . bad comes back to bad… If he wasnt gready he wouldent been in that GT and he would still be alive …

Tell me about it…Im sick of it too. Cult of personality is not healthy guys.

If he wasnt gready he wouldent been in that GT and he would still be alive …
That’s a bit of a stretch. Bad luck can happen to anyone.

What were the circumstances around him not sending you the $5,000?

I certainly hope you wern’t refering to Corey Rudel :rolleyes:

Nope not Corey Rudel :wink:

Have some respect guys. Start another thread if you’d like to criticize him or debate his marketing methods. He was a true pioneer in every sense of the word and will be sadly missed by many many people.

I would have to agree. Now is not the time to criticize his methods of marketing. Show a little class, guys.