Copied my sites code

Another website developer has copied my code but not text/images. I found this out because I started getting strange keyword reports in my Google analytics. It turns out they copied the tracking code across as well. Where do I stand on this, can I get Google involved??

I doubt Google would get involved…as a multi-billion dollar company, I doubt (and this in no way is meant as a strike against you) that they care about your problems.

Have you contacted the other website’s owner? Have you considered a Cease & Desist letter?

Keep in mind, though, that the HTML and CSS is a world-wide language and methods of doing different things are just as universal. It could be that that person just used the same method.

Is it pretty much the exact same design? Can you give us links?


It’s not the design, it’s the code. And they’ve actually copied his own Google Analytics code, so I reckon it’s a safe bet that it’s no accident.

Plenty you can do - contact them first, cease and desist etc. Then try their hosts, look for the host’s abuse processes.

google may be interested in another site stealing Google Analytics code, worth a shot. Also send a DMCA to Google to have them removed from the search results.

But try contacting the site first though, give them 48 hours to comply. This will probably do the trick.

Yeah. If you make it clear that you’re angry, willing to take legal action, etc they should comply. Unless they’re really stubborn or stupid.

A Cease and Desist letter (especially if I know that I’m already doing something illegal) would definitely scare the pejeezus out of me.


Actually, Google will get involved. If you submit a DMCA request to them, they will remove the offending page from their search results. The page will continue to exist, of course, but it will lose a lot of its traffic and so diminish its value.

You can also complain to the abuse administrator at the site’s hosting company.

These things are easy to do. You can find the necessary steps expalined here:
Dealing with copyright infringements of your web page or blog


I second the Google DMCA. We’ve gotten a number of competitor pages/sites deindexed after they failed to respond to cease and desists. Contacting their hosting company usually has quick results as well, but you need to be able to provide solid evidence that the work was originally yours. Hosting companies do not usually want any liability for copyright infringement, but at the same time, they’re not going to take a site down on your word vs. their paying custom. is often a good place to prove who had the content up first.

The first thing to do is contact the site owner, in writing is best as it a record. This could be a Cease & Desist letter or you could email them first, then if no resonse follow up with the Cease & Desist letter. There is a fair amount you can do, however its unlikely that you could take any serious action unless you can proove a serious loss of earning from the infringment. Contacting google is probably your best bet following the above action to have them removed from the index. Also contacting their host is a good idea.

I would stress that dealing with copyright infringement is not difficult. You don’t need to hire a lawyer or start a legal action. The article I mentioned above includes a template letter that you can send to the infringer, and will often get good results. I’ve used it myself more than 20 times, and I’ve successfully had the violations removed in more than half those cases.