Cookies error on page with iframe

Can anyone help with this?

On several PC and Mac computers In Safari only I and several other people are getting a Cookies error message when going to this page:

It probably has to do with the iframe and VBScript code. Any idea what the problem is and how to fix?

Thank you!

Cookies cannot be shared across domains – and that INCLUDES different subdomains. By serving the content of the iframe from “” and the page itself from “” the two cannot share, and that’s probably what’s causing it… though maybe not… that’s from a different domain, so I’m not sure what would be blocking it from behaving as a self-contained browser instance.

Though really, what are you wasting an iframe on (or object for that matter) – what is this, 1997? Pulling data from another site that way is something that browser makers have been trying to BLOCK from working for security reasons for a decade or more – if you can’t build that content on your server for your own site… you probably shouldn’t be trying to display it.

Top to bottom though, that page is knee deep in some serious whiskey-tango-foxtrot code – endless unnecessary DIV, presentational classes, inlined presentation, tags and attributes like target, align and center that have no business being in any HTML written after 1998…

Top it off with the tranny doctype and iframe, and it’s a laundry list of how not to build a website.

I agree about the code. We gave it a facelift on the homepage and the shell. I didn’t get paid enough (barely any) to fix the previous web person’s code so most of the contents stayed. However, I’d fix it if it was causing the problem.

There was an html schedule on the site but the client had to update that one and the MindBody one and she asked me to do this b/c she’s seen it on other sites. If you have another suggestion instead of the iframe, I’m totally open.

What do you mean “tranny” doc type :-)?

You don’t mince your words do you?

He doesn’t, and as I’ve told him in the past, if he and I lived in the same neighborhood, at some point we’d probably have to go out behind the barn and whup the snot out of each other just to get it out of our systems. :slight_smile: But his advice is often very valid and very useful.

My wife had an excellent neurologist who was, let’s say, not charming in his dealings with his patients. She is as *****ly as DS60 (and as I am), and after the two chewed each other out in the hallway of the hospital, they were able to find a way to co-exist. 20 years later, the work he did on her neck is still holding up 100%. Asking advice from DS60 is comparable, I’d say.

Edit: I can’t believe the software blitzed that word. The word is p r i c k l y. As in a porcupine. Snort.

Thanks! And love your tagline…I’ve got 4 myself. Used to have 6.

So what does he mean, “tranny” doc type and any advice about what to do?

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He was referring to ‘Transitional’ markup when blurting ‘tranny’ not Eddie Izzard. Comparing the grammar of ‘Strict’ and that fact that Strict isn’t as lax in grammar as Transitional. Strict doesn’t allow the same use of some presentational or deprecated tags, etc.

Thanks Robert. So use strict or transitional?

So use strict or transitional?

Well, one is clearly awesome and glows in the dark and showers us with rainbows… while the other smells like rotting fish and has the consistency of day-old vomit.

However I dunno that switching to strict will do you any good in this instance, if as above you mentioned you’re not getting paid enough to fix someone else’s garbage code.

What Strict will do is let the W3C validator actually be able to nag at you in big red letters all the nastiness that’s in the code. That’s all. Browsers don’t give a rat’s.

Normally that’s useful for finding mistakes, but if you’ve already got bazillions of errors, it’s still not going to guide you much at this point (it’s great if you do end up fixing the whole page though… you start with fixing the first error and work your way down… or rewrite from scratch and validate when you’re done).

I’m pretty sure cookies can be shared across subdomains, as long as you set them correctly, e.g. instead of IANA — Example domains (notice the . in front of the first URL). Although in your case, you’re using totally different domains. Maybe you can move one site to a subdomain on the other site?

Secondly, did I read VBScript? 'cos that only works in IE as far as I know. Maybe you meant JavaScript? If not, you might want to investigate replacing the VBScript with JavaScript.


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That’s a lot of cats! God love you for taking care of them and for your “service” :-).

Thanks for the tip about remembering to check the validator. I think fixing most of the errors helped. Can someone check it on their Safari to see if you’re still getting the error?

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We also have 40+ outside in a feral colony. Let me stop gibbering about cats, or as Mrs. Max calls them, “das poosen”. :smiley:

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de poezen, te veel poezen…

If you are using iframes the you have to use transitional as iframes are not valid in xhtml strict.

I am using XHTML Transitional 1.0: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN” “”>

Should I change it to HTML 4.0 Transitional?

Paul, are you getting the error message when you go to that page?

No, just leave it as it is is if you are using iframes.

Paul, are you getting the error message when you go to that page?

I tried it earlier in Safari and there was a message saying that cookies should be enabled but I just tried it again and it seems to load ok.


That happened for me too - error and then no error when I went back. Not sure potential clients will go back though.

I suppose until you find the cause of the problem, you could have a message generated saying if there’s a message about cookies, refresh the page. Not ideal or anything.