Commercial HTML to PDF converter needed

I have tried every PHP PDF solution I can find and none work 100% on the data I need them to.

I need something commercial, so I can report bugs and get answers fast if nessecary. Preferably Linux based, but Windows might work, as I can install the software on a Windows box and wrap the software with a Windows based web service which my Linux software can then call.

I have googled for HTML to PDF(very important not just a PDF API - as I need to easily transform some complex tables into PDF) converter but everything seems to be Windows components or applications which do not support CLI, which a web service would probably need.

Just incase I’ve missed something, does anyone know of anything?


Translating HTML/CSS up to modern standards into PDF structures is no less difficult than what it took to produce modern browser engines. I doubt there is any solution that will look as good as the page does in the browser. You are going to be limited in what you can do and it would be more like a “printer friendly” version of the actual HTML/CSS.