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Hello Everyone,

I not that experienced with web design when it comes to php scripts still learning. I am designing my website and would like to add a contact form that don’t need php scripts.Does anyone knows where I can get such scripts.

many thanks


mmm… someone asking on the php forum not to use php !!!

You are going to need some scripting somewhere, be it php, asp, or Perl, a straight html page can send the form data, but cannot recieve and process it let along send an email.

Yes there are packages available that you can download and plug into your site, (the scripts are predone) or there are services that you just point your form to and they will process and send the email for you.

But sitting here with my PHP hat on, why not take a couple of hours and learn how to write that script yourself its easier than it looks, and theres loads of support here.

You cannot implement a contact form without a script to process it. The script can be written in PHP, Perl, ASP, or any type of programming language your server support. However, there are services available that will process the form for you such as Google Docs:

I have moved this from php. Like you, I am no programmer and although it’s been explained to me several times and I’ve read through several tutorials, php is not as easy as it looks and messing it up can mean a major break in your site. Hopefully, someone here can help you. There are several plugins and scripts that can send contact information. Probably, though, your best option is a boiler plate php that will deal with security issues as well as deliver mail to your inbox.

The basic PHP scripts available online are pretty simple to use. You just need to change the email address. All the same, there are some nice alternatives out there, such as WooFoo.

Thanks for the link would I need a database like MySQL as well? or just have php?

I guess I have a lot to learn.

I am glad someone realised php is not easy at all and yes I am scared I will make a big mess but I just need to learn from scratch.

No Helen You do not need a database, just a server that can accept php scripts

ok thanks.

look at the link I gave you back in my original post, its complete and you only have to change a couple of lines to make it work for you.

To know whether your hosting package handles php scripts make a blank file called test.php and put this code in it.

echo 1+4;

save to your server then call up the file from a browser, if you see the number 5 then your good to go.

I have got php installed and can see it at localhost that it has been installed but when i tried your code in dreamweaver I get the following:

Not Found

The requested URL /test.php was not found on this server.

You need to navigate to the test.php page in your browser to test the page. Dreamweaver won’t process PHP.

ok thank you :slight_smile:

Any Luck over there ?