Connecting to phpmyadmin, remotely


I have a server at home because my school wont supply one for our classes websites. I can do everything i need localy, fine. But i need to leave my server up and running, so i can access it from school, and upload, etc. How do i connect the the phpmyadmin to look at the tables and BD’s from my school?

Thanks, Cobra

your server at home is always up and running right?
you have phpmyadmin installed somewhere right?
Then I guess that you can easily access it from any computer by typing your server IP in the url and the directory in which you have your phpmyadmin files.

lol sorry for the VERY VERY late reply, i lost this thread andjust found it now :P.

I have tried that and get the error: “Forbidden
You don’t have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server.”

How do i change the file permissions to let me access it?

Thanks, Cobra

aah i fixed it now, had to change something in the httpd.conf file