Can't view pages on local server

So, I want to do some html work on some php files, but can’t get them to display on my local server. I paid someone to build the site for me and so I don’t understand php and database work much at all. So, I want to do the front end code and have them complete the pages doing the remaining database work. I was able to get the home page to display locally on my computer using WAMP, but can’t get the other pages to display. I’ve attached a screen shot of what my issue is when I click on a link to another one of the pages.

Is my issue that complex?

Well, I will post the screen shot as soon as this site allows me Grrrr. I lets me browse for the file, select, and but then gives me an error. Annoying.

Okay I posted it on flickr since I couldn’t get it to upload here.

The file paths to your resources are probably different on your local machine. If you want, you can repliceate the remote server paths with a setup like this:

You could have copied/pasted the error message onto here, we didn’t need a screenshot …

Still, your problem initially seems to lie with your database.

Mysql governs itself and which user can do what with a database called “mysql” where permissions are stored. You will have to either set up a user called ‘nff’ with the correct permissions, or, find out your default root password and locate where the database settings are stored in your application and alter the credentials from ‘nff’ to root or whoever you have granted access to all your tables to. That is the swift and dirty way to get permission to access and do things.

If you want to get to the bottom of this, and understand what causes this error message then this might help you too: Access denied for user and the permissions system