Configure apache2.2 - virtual hosts on ubuntu 10.10

Hi all!

I have this apache config and having some difficulty with it.


x86, Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit, php5.3.5, apache2.2.16, xdebug-2.1.

The above were installed and am trying to configure apache2 to work as name based virtual hosts.

I followed this article:

Amrit Bera: Ubuntu 10.10 LAMP installation (Apache 2, PHP 5.3, mySql 5.1)

The virtual hosting did not work properly. The same content shows even if url in browser points to different one.

Now i am following this article:
Setting Up Name Based Virtual Hosting on Ubuntu Server | Ubuntu Tutorials

Many thanks

Did you insert the

NameVirtualHost ip.address:port

in your httpd.conf, and restart Apache after you’ve made the changes?
What you’re describing (same content regardless of domain entered) happens when you miss that line.

I assume you have set up the DNS such that the virtual hosts addresses actually exist btw? (going from your post you probably have but just checking :))

Don’t forget the hosts file.