ConfAgenda: a web app for conference organizers

Today I’ve released ConfAgenda, a fast and small web application created to allow conferences attendees to easily navigate through the conference information and mark the talks of interest to create their own, personalized track.

These are its features:

  • Compatible with modern browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, iOS, Android, and more
  • Light-weight: ~110Kb minified and gzipped with less than 10 HTTP requests
  • Fast: ~1.5 seconds loading time with a 3G connection
  • Mobile-friendly: Built using a mobile-first approach, it includes touch gesture for a better mobile experience
  • 100% offline: Once loaded all the operations can be performed offline
  • Isomorphic views: The views are built with React, so you can use them on the server using Node.js
  • 100% configurable: Modify the source code to create a look and feel that adheres to your conference’s branding

Let me know what you think and you find any issue.

That’s a cool idea, Aurelio. Could you explain a little more how it would work? Do conference organizers set it up for their attendees, or …?

Have you thought of how you could let conference organizers know that this exists?

I’d suggest a slight edit to the Intro. Instead of

allow conferences attendees


allow conference attendees

Hi Ralph.

The idea is pretty simple, I wanted to help conference organizers with a multi-track conference. To use the app they have to replace the sample data I’ve provided and upload the files to their web server. Once done, they’ll have a completely working web application that lets conference attendees to keep track of the talks they want to attend, creating a customized track.

In regard of your second question, I’m trying to push the idea on Twitter but probably I’ll contact some conferences to see if they want to use the app. What I want to avoid is to be too self-promotional. I made something to help organizers, but I don’t want to force people to use my work.

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