Concatenate in php

How would i concatenate this please help**//this partt**

<?php   $id = getfield('id'); ?>

    **<?php <a class="profile" href="profile.php?='$id' "><echo ucfirst ($firstname);</a> ?>//This Part**
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Sorry for no code tags but here goes.

<a href="profile.php?=<?php echo $id.' ">'.ucfirst ($firstname);?></a>

really appreciate your answer but can you please write down the full thing

What don’t you understand.
I am using my phone which means it’s annoying enough to type code.

Otherwis use php online to echo the whole link.
Do echo with single quotes.

My bad i didn’t see your second comment
Thanks it worked like a charm

Awesome good to know.
If you need more help just post a message or pm me.

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