Compressing JS & CSS files on the fly

Hi all, not sure if this is the right category for this but… I build all my personal sites using Expression Engine and have been using this excellent tool for compressing JS & CSS files on the fly.

Basically I need something similar for use on non-Expression Engine sites.

Any ideas?


See for a description of the most effective way to compress everything in the web page “on the fly” in the most effective way.

Not bad,Look around,the one I know of is the supercharge available for those using vbulletin forums.

Online JavaScript/CSS Compression Using YUI Compressor

It won’t let met post a link to it since I don’t have 10 posts yet. Hopefully thi works:

refresh-sf d0t c0m/ yui/

Hmm, but the idea is that I don’t have to manually compress my files. I just want the uncompressed versions compressed on the fly.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Here we go…

You could manually compress and/or combine them with a tool like

Thanks for the suggestion Czaries but as I mentioned I was looking for a solution that specifically compresses the files on the fly.