Best CSS Compression service?

I know there are a bunch out there, but which one do you use?

Not so much looking for which one “shrinks” file size the most, but has the most integrity in not ruining the code, and catches the most unused css


Dust-me-selectors addon for firefox :slight_smile:

Code Beatufier is not bad. You can try it.

Some other tools:

Compressor tools

is there a way to output the css with the unused selectors removed?


Web Server’s ouput compression either GZIP or DEFLATE makes files size and about of whitespace irrelevant.

I don’t personally use the dust me selectors add on since I haven’t had a need for it yet, however someone here might have experience with it :slight_smile:

I just read some up on it and apparently it stores all the unused CSS for you to see what isn’t being used? So you should see a list…yes?

I would use GZIP / DEFLATE as well, it requires no action from you (once the htaccess script is active), it’ll shave your bandwidth bill down, and it means you can maintain a readable CSS / JavaScript / HTML file without having all the whitespace purged so it ends up as one big messy blob of code. :slight_smile:

Yes I do see a list but am lazy and was wondering if there was a way to output the CSS with the unused elements erased :slight_smile:

Great thanks Alex. I will look into these.