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Hello, I want to make a navigation bar but when you click a link, all the other links slide to the left until that selected page is in the center of the navigation bar (navigation bar is located in the center at the top) and the selected link is bigger than the other links.

Can you please sketch this idea and make some screenshots?

What is the initial state of the navigation bar?

How many links?

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Hi camblzac, welcome to the forums!

What @andris.vilde already asked and:

Does that describe a horizontally scrolled site?

here is an example

When link3 is active, OK

And when link1 is active it slides to the middle and link4 and link5 goes out of reach.

What am I missing?

Having trouble with that article… seems every example link i click on the page design has changed, is 404’d etc.

Then again, that article is 10 1/2 years old at this point…

Truly sorry! :slightly_smiling_face:
I was happy to find an SP article to explain what I meant with a horizontal scrolling one page site, the article was outdated but had some useful info.

@camblzac, please help us to better understand what you want to achieve. The horizontal sliding confuses me. :blush:

do you have the code for that?

if you click on link 1 it will slide to the left and then go off the screen but then it will come back on on the right hand side and scroll to the middle. All the other links will be effected and will scroll after this has happened

Will it always go to right to left side?

This is not meant to be a solution but are you after some sort of slideshow effect where you display different panels of content like this?

(View on codepen for full effect)

The above is not meant as a solution as its full of holes, magic numbers and bad practices but just as a means to ascertain what you are looking for. If indeed you do want something like this then you will probably need to employ a programmer to do it for you as it is not a simple matter.:slight_smile:

Also if you are looking to load real (new) pages into the sections then that would generally be a bad approach.

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yes, but it might be nice if the ones on the left go to the left and the ones on the right go to the right

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