Communicating Space Limitations

I want to limit the total number of Private Messages that a User can have. (This includes messages in their Inbox, Sent, and Trash views.)

Not sure the best and most concise way to communicate this?

I was thinking of maybe displaying one of the following messages next to the Heading in each Private Message view (e.g. Inbox, Sent, Trash)…

Option #1:

Inbox: You have 87 Messages, with a quota of 100. (What’s this?)

Option #2:

Inbox: Message Quota: 87 out of 100

Option #3:

Message Quota: 100
Total Messages: 87

Option #4:

Inbox: (87 out of 100 Message Limit used.)

Option #5:

Something else??



This will be confusing to users, so I’d recommend having the explanatory link.

Couldn’t you just set the system to auto delete older messages? Otherwise, you could very quickly get users with full inboxes that are uncontactable.

The examples above may be confusing - which is why I am asking for help here - but regardless, most Forums have limits on how many PM’s you can have.

Unless people want to pay me, I am setting storage limits!

100 PM’s per Member is more than fair.

Automatically deleting things seems like a really bad idea…

What does SitePoint do?

And back to my OP, so what wording would be more clear to you??



What does SitePoint do?

Once your inbox is maxed out, you can’t receive any more PMs. Not sure what message (if any) is provided, though.

so what wording would be more clear to you?

Off the top of my head, something like:

Inbox: 87% full (details)”

I am in the process of adding functionality which prevents people from sending or receiving PM’s once they meet their quota, but it seems like people should get fair and early warning too…

Just to be clear, I am setting a limit of “100 combined Messages in the Inbox, Sent and Trash folders”.


Because if you send me a PM (Sent), I have to store that in the “Private Message” table.

And when you receive a PM (Inbox), I have to store the details mapping back to the PM in the “Recipients” table.

(Not sure if you follow this, but it deals with “3rd-Normal Form” in my database…)



Then just to be clear, I wouldn’t associate this message with the Inbox, per se, but in the Inbox, Sent Messages and Trash folders I’d be looking at a sub heading that said something like “Your total Message Center storage has reached 87% (details)” … or something like that.


Your total Message Center storage has reached 87% (details)

Placing the message right beside the Inbox makes it seem that you are referring to the Inbox alone, which is going to be very confusing and misleading.

Then how about this… (see screen-shot)

Another option would be to take the message “87% Full What’s this?” and somehow make it stick to the bottom of that left Folders <div>…

Open to further suggestions as well!!



Looks OK to me.

Could get lost there, so I think I’d keep it around where you have it.

Thanks for the help and inspiration!!!



I am confused, why show percentage used when there is a numeric limit to your messages?

Why not just say “5 remaining messages (What’s this?)”

“Remaining” from WHAT??

No one would know what that meant?!


If the message is not intuitive then the user has the option to activate (What’s this?)