Commision only based - suggestions


Im working with a company rolling out an ecommerce business selling furniture. They want advice on how to maintain commision based employees with no base pay where the commision employees actually do cold calling. They have about 50 employees currently doing this however im stuck as to how the website can know if the customer was referred by a telemarketer and which telemarketer referred them.

Any suggestions to this issue?

Here is what ive been able to think of:

  1. no pricing on the website
  2. affiliates where a link is given however this wont work on the phone
  3. resellers - given special pricing and they can mark it up to what ever they want
  4. resellers given a website with same pricing and they get percentages

an idea I just got after typing this is:
to give each sales person their own unique domain, the customer would enter it in the browser and it would re-direct them to the company website instantly

can anyone provide other suggestions?

As you say, each telemarketer is given a unique URL, e.g. fred smith gets

or they tell the customer that to get the special deal, they have to enter the promo code FRED123 in the checkout process.

That’s a pretty standard way of tracking phone sales - people do the same for yellow pages and magazine ads ‘to get this offer, enter promo code FRED123 during checkout’.

Yea I agree there should be some kind of an offer with a code so that customers are encouraged to help track the sales.

Thanks for the assistance.