Monetizing Calls

I work for a web based lighting retailer. We have an excellent search rank, so much so that we often get calls mistaking us for the manufacturers of the lines we sell.

Today these calls are mostly “throw aways”. On the surface we are getting calls from people who would otherwise never call us.

I am trying to see if anyone has advice on how we might monetize this opportunity.

Why are these people trying to call the manufacturer? Is it because they want to buy the product? If so, you have a terrific opportunity to sell to them. If you are not doing that, why not?

Perhaps you should have an informal script ready so that, when these calls come through, you can deliver a bit of friendly sales talk.

But if the callers are other retailers - or other trade customers - that’s another matter. I can’t see how you can take advantage of that. Some of them might even be your competitors. If so, and if you find the calls a nuisance or an embarrassment, then you clearly need to do something to make your website clear about who you are and why people might call you.