Coming Soon: The SPF Pure HTML & CSS Competition!

Like I said, anybody can enter regardless of their skills and still have a good chance of ‘success’.

Stay tuned this competition is revolutionary. Like the title says it’s pure so doesn’t require; scripting or images.

Your weapons will be simply crafted but it’s how you choose to use them that counts. :slight_smile:

A “Revolutionary Competition”, sounds very challenging!

already thinking:) might give it a go

Im new to HTML and CSS so this might be a good way to help me build up my skills :smiley:

I don’t think I have the skills to compete with any of you here either but I am pretty excited for this one too and look forward to learn a lot. Now we’ll get a chance to see pure html and css masterpieces from the experts.

Sounds interesting , I am game to it

I’m game! :slight_smile:

Me being in colllege and not having class from 12-4 leaves me 4 hours of dullness. I can’t cube around these college people without getting annoyed the **** out of :p.

I think I’ll be back for a bit, who knows, I might even get motivation to stick with CSS again. Me not being able to get a job outa it really killed what motivation I had for it, that and unthankful brats here :stuck_out_tongue:

Me not being able to get a job outa it really killed what motivation I had for it, that and unthankful brats here

Mozilla’s looking for a technical evangelist!

Off Topic:

Me not being able to get a job outa it really killed what motivation I had for it, that and unthankful brats here

Really? Keep trying man, there’s plenty of work out there for talented web developers. You really need to know Javascript as well to be a flexible front-end dev. Additional skills like SQL & PHP will make you a more desirable employee. Maybe you were too specific?

How awesome is working on the web? This Awesome.

Work for yourself, that’s what I do. :smiley:

If Mozilla had -any- of those positions available here in the United Kingdom I would have applied to around 10 of those. If only the UK was that tad bit better… :nono:

Still looking forward to this HTML + CSS competition though! :slight_smile:

Andrew Cooper

100% agreed. If I was as good at JavaScript as I am at HTML & CSS I’d be swimming in money. Not literally, but you get the drift. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just practicing and practicing and memorising and memorising that is the most tedious work. Once you’ve got that covered…BAM - You’re in the game! :smiley:

Andrew Cooper

It’s not that simple :wink: but if it’s what you want to do you - it just requires work.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Don’t give up so easy.

You’re just out of school, right?

Sorry to tell you, you’ll be hard-pressed right now to find any work in any field without work-experience.

You might have to bite the bullet and flip burgers for a year or so. I used to sell VHS tapes in a video club. Yes, VHS tapes. I’m 25 and I sound ancient, jeez.

Whatever you do, stay focused. Use the time and the little bit of cash from whatever-work-you-can-find to refine your skills and send out resumes to EVERYWHERE.

If you do, in about a year or so you’ll start getting call-backs. At least, that was the turn-around in Trinidad. Maybe where you are will be different.

And don’t fret over the small-jobs. Bide your time. When this phase is done, you’ll slowly realise you learnt a whole host of skills (and maybe gained friends too) from that small-job that are super-valuable to wherever you end up afterward.


I realise it isn’t that simple, Mark :wink: I was just taking it from a different angle, the angle of not really going into the finest details because if I had £1 for every time I seen that link that you posted I would actually literally be swimming in money :lol: Also “it just requires work.” It isn’t -that- simple either :wink:

Andrew Cooper

I only really know HTML/CSS/fair bit of JS, PHP and SQL. I know a good bit of Java too though…I don’t see me fitting in anywhere there :stuck_out_tongue:

I searched for about a year, along with seeing if I could freelance but I get no customers. I have about 2 steady customers who use me as a last resort to fix something their other designers can’t (I don’t see why not just start with me to begin with)…

As said above, I try, just not enough clients. I don’t know how to find any :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually still in college, I started doing CSS freshman year, getting seriously into it end of sophomore year. I currently am a manager at Dairy Queen, “biding my time” so to speak

But we are getting off topic…

I honestly don’t see how someone like yourself who has the knowledge, technique, and experience can’t get a steady stream of clients through freelancing! :eek: Either the economy is really bad in America or you just need a little bit of help. I can’t help the American economy but I can give you some help - Right here. Order it, go through it all, modify the documents to your own business, and watch your bank balance go sky high! :wink:

Andrew Cooper

P.S. You seriously need to get yourself a personal and / or business Website.

Well then stop moping. Let’s see how you can impress me with your competition entry. You never know, when they see what you can do regarding this ‘amazing competition’ something good may appear.

When Chris Heilmann showed us that at Fronteers I was like, whoa, my job could be like that??

Then I came home and saw what it really was : )

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