New way to create web application


I’m looking for good way to create web application with default graphics elements, so I have question:
Is good way to use separate in front-end AngularJS + Bootstrap to locally operate with data (formating, validating, showing, etc) in user environment (web browser) and on back-end create only simple REST PHP server using simple Slim PHP Framework and PHP PDO to operate with CRUD SQL command in one place ? In this way I will not use big PHP Framework (Symphony, Zend, etc.) and not use PHP template engine (only Bootstrap). Maybe anyone known good tutorial where is using this solution?


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Hi Marcin,

What you are describing isn’t necessarily a new way, but the newest way to create web applications. More and more applications are pushing a lot of the application logic into the browser making it “smarter” and making the server “dumber”. Some points I think might be of interest.

  • You should not leave validation up to the client side.
  • The type of framework you use doesn’t really matter that much. It is wanting the RESTful API you need, with the features you want, familiarity with the framework, the time frame of the project and how you want to go about it in the end, which will determine which framework you will want to use.
  • Bootstrap isn’t a template engine. It is a UI framework, which you can include into your templates. If you use Angular, the templates are actually straight HTML files with Angular directives nested in them, which is supposedly the simplicity and magic of Angular (but I’m personally not completely convinced). :smile:


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