Coding Languages *game*

I am starting a new thread and you guessed it it’s a game you have to say a coding language no repeated ones though it can be old or new.

So here are the rules

  • No Repeating Languages
  • No Putting more than one Language (so everyone gets a chance)
  • No going WAY too off-topic
  • Only Coding Languages are allowed

ME first, HTML

My first language that I learned - Basic

It’s difficult to write just PHP

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Prolog is a logic programming language associated with artificial intelligence and computational linguisti… and way too complicated for my feeble brain :frowning:


Prolog was part of the degree course curriculum :frowning:

Lets see if I can stick to languages i’ve actually used…

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Would not be a bad idea if that was part of the post requirements.


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Bash :wink:

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@ronpat, how did you do that? My answer gave me the error message “Your post must be at least 4 characters”. Lol

Go (is only 2 characters)

PL/1 (still have nightmares on that gobbledy gook…)

Purl - oh, wait - that’s knitting!



I used JaM for a while in college. It was XEROX PARC’s language for developing graphics on the Star, predecessor to the Macintosh. It had no variables, just a stack. If you want to store something, put it on the stack and make sure you don’t wipe it out during a function call :slight_smile:



:cry: Didn’t even make it past the 4 letter requirement to post so I gotta post this to explain why.

MUMPS (my favourite language)