New Programming Language

Created for the purpose of use as resources and principles that make up the programs, utilities, applications that run on devices like PCs, tablets, mobile phones, …

There are many kinds of languages, basically can be divided into two kinds of language is the language of web design (html, css, javascript, …) and written language software (C #, VB, C ++, …).

Most languages are available on platforms supports the use of language and writing. The Microsoft’s languages supported by .Net Framework, is considered to be the most common platform integrating language support the developers website and software.

Programming language developed to date over 4 stages, each stage of the language becoming increasingly simpler, clearer, stronger and more dynamic. In the programming language, we can say C # is the most common language is much more web developers and software used with the advantage of being clear syntax, clear and easy to upgrade.

With the continual improvement of C # can say this is a big challenge for the creative language, those who intend to create a new language capable substitute C #.

The father of the language as Larry Wall, Dennis Ritchie, James Gosling, Rasmus Lerdorf, Anders Hejlsberg, … and hope these names even longer.

Any comment will be highly appreciated.

I’m not sure I understand the purpose of this post. Could you explain for us? Was there a question we could help you answer in there?

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If you have a new and can answer the discussion I will support you and …

What discussion? I don’t understand.

Are you asking for opinions on the challenges facing somebody who wants to create a new language?

The challenges and opportunities we will have when a new programming language is created.

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