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I am out here seeking help in php coding. I have been allotted masters project on process or work flow driven management system and in this I am asking participants to leave feedback using set of questions. Basically, it is a website or a web based tool to validate newly proposed cloud framework. A framework has three stages, namely Stage 1 2 and 3. Each stage will have set of questions covering all its parameters. Once stage 1 is over, by pressing next button in the end , it should take the process further to stage 2 and similarly when stage 2 is over, it should take it to stage 3 and finally gives results with comments in the end.

I humbly request all readers and developers in helping me out in this. Just provide me with the basic coding for log in then moving to question 1 of stage to then press next and so on as explained above. After that I can work on adding more and more questions as per requirements.

I understand most concepts of php but never did a coding at this level and I have been told to do it by PHP only.

Thanks and BIG BIG THANKS in advance friends.

If you need any further clarification please do not hesitate to ask.


Have you searched online for a PHP login script? There are some free ones out there.

Hi Gandalf

There it just shows for log in and thats it. I need a template for complete step wise system. Is there any where else I can get it for free ?

It sounds like you are asking us to do your coding for you.

Have you done anything at all to get started on this project? If so, if you post your code here and explain where you are having problems, and we could maybe help out.

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I’m not sure you will find a free script to do all that you are after.

Yes, a login script is only part of what you want. I’m not sure what you call the rest of the system - perhaps it’s a survey system, I’m not sure.

Try a Google search and see what you come up with.

Hi Web Machine
Not exactly, and yes I am not saying to do it on my behalf as well. I just need a template or a healthy direction to start with and indeed I did tried doing many times that all went in vain. I have designed a prototype as well for the first stage.

Yeaa I have been trying all of it, I have a time constrain thats why cant go from scratch.
Thanks buddy.

I have a time constrain thats why cant go from scratch. Just provide my with a basic structure and if not a dynamic tool , just tell me how to have questions with drop downs and displaying the output then and there with no back end. And then moving to next stage.

Html forms are simple enough to make, but you will need “back end” processing to do anything with the info, and for login.

I’ve just done a web search for
survey system script php
and it comes up with dozens of options many of them free.

Hi gandalf
Al right, I will check if there is any one that suits my requirements.
Thanks a ton pal. :smile:

Hi SamA74

Thanks buddy and yes you are absolutely right about having a back end.
But this one is a simple html code.

Laravel has a solid authentication layer. Not to mention gives you good base to build everything else.

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