Website help!

Hello everyone.
You see… I really need some help with my website >:(
I will try go as detailed possible to make you all understand my problems.
Imma leader of a danish css clan, and i decided to remake our website.
But i kinda stock now… Cuz i cant php script >.<
Website : REKILL - Forside
PS: If anyone knows a package including any of these please tell me!

1# – Forums ?
I got a “Forum” Section on my navigation bar.
But i really don’t want to make a new ‘Forum site’ just for that tab… But inside the text area… Like this site has : - Forum
I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

2# – Matches & Servers ?
As before i have 2 other sections called “Matches” and “Servers” but because i don’t wanna manually post each match and servers in i was hoping someone maybe had/can make a php script that lets me add from my MySQL?

3# – Login panel help ?
This will get really hard to explain… But.
I followed some videos by a guy called MrNickfrosty on youtube ( YouTube - MrNickfrosty's Channel ) and he also gave a download link to hes login panel with php5 support. I downloaded the package and started to edit it and test it out if it worked. And thanks god it worked!
But he made it so its set to “” in another ‘page’.
I tried add the login form code to my website ( REKILL - Forside ) at the top. But i forgot if i click “Login” it will just open a new page telling me either i got on or i wrote wrong pass/username…
I hope you can help me…
All i want the Login panel to do is…
Currently its placed at top right, so when someone puts in a working username&password the login panel will get replaced and text will appear instead saying “You’re logged in as …” i hope you understand.

4# – Downloads ?
This part will be hard for me to explain as well…
You see i want a “Downloads” section for my site… And i included this in my navigation bar too, but i also want to sort like on this site : - Downloads i think this is quite easy for you guys… But rly hard for me lol.
I don’t care if i need to add the downloads manually but if theres a easier way to add downloads it would be awesome to know.
Thanks in advance - Soldier

I hope one or more of you can help me with my problems! )-:

What you are almost asking here is for someone to provide an entirely scripted website for you, I can’t help you with that.

I can help you with pointing you towards one of the most popular free forum packages for php, to solve your first problem: